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    Sole Distributor in Hong Kong & Macau


    SINCE 2016

    Rock Paper Scissors Brewing was founded by 3 good friends Pat Calvird, Marty Schoo and Will Hudson. They were brought together by a shared love of beer. Pat and Marty are the brewers at Paper Scissors Rock Brew Co and both had a long history of small scale homebrewing behind them before venturing into starting up the microbrewery. Pat traded in his arborist job with the brewery starting up, Marty continues to juggle his photography business as well as brewery duties, and Will does the same with his local café, Livefast. They brew on site at our little venue in Halls Gap, in the heart of the Grampians.

    Founders: Pat Calvird, Marty Schoo and Will Hudson
    Location: Foothills of the Grampians National Park


    "It's rewarding putting together a beer recipe over time, creating something you believe will work, and ultimately seeing customers enjoying it and coming back for more. Getting feedback such as: This is the best example of this style I've had" is pretty awesome to hear."

    Pat, Marty and Will, RPS Brewing


    The beers and long drinks are more than just beers and long 
    drinks, they’re also entertaining classic games like our market-disrupting Rock, Paper, Scissors and Truth or Dare creations. It’s the reason that they make them with daring ingredients, flavors, and names. 
    The CollectionBeersLong Drinks
    A classic Finnish drink "lonkero" refers to a mixed drink made from gin and, most commonly, grapefruit soda, although other long drink flavours include cranberry and lime. We wanted to make our own "lonkero"- Truth or Dare creations, bringing a new game to play with our 
    bottles, so go and spin the bottle!
    Rock Paper Scissors BrewingIndie Pale Ale (IPA)
    Hopped to the top with Mosaic, Simcoe, Magnum, Loral and Ekuanot! Our Indie Pale Ale is also dry-hopped with them all. We added also some rye malt to give a special sweetness to our IPA, orange-peel and pink grapefruit to boost the citrus aromas even more.

    Dandelion Dreams Belgian Witbier
    Belgian style wheat beers seasoned with coriander and dandelion. Mr. Coriander meets Miss Dandelion and they live happily ever after. The happy couple was grinded into the brew to make your Beer-quest to Brussels a tasty one. Our kick into the world of Belgian witbiers.

    The Lizard New England IPA (NEIPA)
    The Lizard is a package of tropical fruits, softened with sweetness of wheat and oats. Fully packed with aroma. Crispy notes of citrus together with tropical pearls such as pineapple and papaya.It's a new England Stype IPA. Juicy, but we love our hops, so be careful when you get in touch with The Lizard, it bites.
    Concrete Juice
    Concrete JuiceThe drink's origin comes way back from the 1950's. This is our take on the National Beverage of Finland. White and pink grapefruit. One wasn't enough for us. Flavours of Northern Periferia's Forest added in shape of gin. Both white and pink grapefruit were also added to our gin long drink for your satisfaction. Which is with this drink: Guaranteed.

    Adult Smoothie
    Delivering the sweetest taste of Northern Periferia's Forests with amazing ingredients like blueberry and bilberry. Some blood orange and gin were also added to sweeten the deal. Always drink and play responsibly.

    Ruthless Lemonade
    Bitter and sweet taste. This is a RTD for professionals. Bitter enough but softened by the sweetness of lemonade. It has the familiar taste of grandma's homemade lemonade. But It's hit with bitters, herbs and alcohol for its unique taste. Bitter and sweet - just like life is.



    Beers & Long Drinks
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