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    Made in Sud-Ouest"

    Cave du Marmandaisis a 'satellite' district of theBordeaux wine region of south-western France. It is named after the town of Marmande at its center, which sits on the northern bank of the Garonne river. The appellation AOCCotes du Marmandaiscovers red, white and rose wines produced from grapes grown within specified areas of the parishes around Marmande.
    瑪蔓戴斯法定產區 (Cave du Marmandais)於羅馬時期就開始生產葡萄酒,是法國西南產區内的名產區之一。早期受到波爾多酒商的影響較大,、白、玫瑰紅酒都有生產,採用的品種和波爾多區有太大的區别,這邊的氣候和波爾多地區也相差不遠,比較乾燥炎熱一點。使得這裏出產颜色深红,單寧勁,相當耐久存的酒。很適合野味或加松露的肉類菜餚。

    With different families and chateaus, Cave du Marmandais gathered wineries around the area to create a "commune of wineries". The whole commune produces and promotes quality wines from South-western France.
    瑪蔓戴斯產區 由法國西南部 大大小小的酒莊聯合而成,旨在成立一個獨特的「酒莊公社」,並推廣法國西南部的葡萄酒。
    The Garonne divides the Marmande district intonorthandsouth, with the resulting portions being eastern extensions of theEntre-Deux-Mersand Gravesregions respectively. The northern part has the clay and chalk-based soils of Entre-Deux-Mers, in which Merlotgrows well, while the gravels of Graves provide Cabernet SauvignonandCabernet Francwith excellent growing conditions. The alluvial silts on the plateaux are also suitable for viticulture.

    Appelation d'origine Controlee

    AOC Bordeaux

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