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    Turning Possibility into Reality
    Pinewood Wine is the best online wine wholesaler in Hong Kong. Our extensive portfolio is omnipresent from retail markets, online platforms to luxury dining outlets with many positive feedbacks. Apart from offering professional advice on wine pairing, our passionate wine specialists also emphasize the concept of “Dolce Vita” by assisting in organizing different private and mega events, designing corporate gifts, partnering with different companies to roll out special programs. We strive to customize each client's project to accommodate individual style, taste and budget with an aim to make every aspect of your event or experience memorable.

    Presence on Online Shopping World

    Making one-stop shopping easy and fun, our products are listed on all the major grocery shopping platforms such as HKTV Mall, Ztore, The Club, Viu TV 99, Vivino, Apple Daily, Foodpanda, Big Big Shop etc. The platforms also provide “Flash Sales Offer” regularly with each liveshow features different wine theme. Customers are never bored because of the wide variety and surprises!
    40k                   20k 
    Chateau La Bastide Rouge     Chateau La Bastide Blanc 

    #Bottles of Wine sold on HKTVmall  [SALES RECORD] 
    Major Shopping PlatformsRecord Breaking RedRecord Breaking White
    40000+ bottles of red wine [Chateau La Bastide Rouge] are sold
    20000+ bottles of white wine [Chateau La Bastide Blanc] are sold 

    Mastercard Wine Privileges

    We are honoured to work with Mastercard, the leading global payment to launch an exclusive dining offer programme “Mastercard Wine Privileges” at more than 100 dining outlets in Hong Kong. Master card owners can enjoy one bottle of complimentary wine upon spending of HK$800 at designated restaurants within a limited period of time.

    Hotel & Dining Group Partnership

    Some of our wines are chosen by premium hotels and dining groups to launch special promotional package. For instance, our long-term partner Cuisine Cuisine have been working with us for the wine & mooncake coupon for 2 consecutive years. Upcoming project combines goose feet, the Chinese delicacy and Burgundy Red/White to cater the growing needs of ready-to-eat takeaway dining experience.

    Cuisine Cuisine

    Cuisine Cuisine Mooncake Package

    Kowloon Shangri-La

    Idoia Negre & Ca N’estruc at Tapas Bar

    Tsui Hang Village

    Delicacy Wine Pairing Set

    Wine Tasting Events

    We value each and every wine tasting experience, our tailor-made wine tasting events and workshops are a wonderful opportunity to train the palate and really get to grips with specific regions and wine styles while enjoying the vibe. They will be guided through a range of carefully chosen wines by our experts to learn more about the region, the background and production process of each wine.

    Circus Tram

    Touring around the bustling city centre that is rich in colonial history on a mobile social hub is a perfect occasion to spend with your friends and simply as a company event. Nothing better than spending a night on a luxurious tram with a glass of refined wines on hand while enjoying delicate canapés served by The Peninsula Hong Kong.

    The Club @K11 Musea

    The Club member exclusive privilege to taste Spanish wines in the presence of winery spokesperson from Spain. The members can get a better understanding of Spanish wines from terroir, grape types to wine making process.

    American Club

    Regular wine tasting sessions will be arranged for the members of American Club. Guests can enjoy our specially selected wines while being embraced by spectacular sea view.

    Media Event Sponsorship

    We are keen to work with different media. For the past few years, we have sponsored several mega events or campaigns organized by media. Be it a gift to be presented on the stage or a beverage served on the table, our wines are gaining more credential from local media reaching out to more potential customers.

    Wedding Banquets

    We are always delighted to share our expertise. Up till now, we have provided top-notch services to hundreds of couples by offering exclusive wedding wine package. Our passion lies in being a part of your big day and making it memorable.

    Need Professional Advise? Contact us!

    Our professional wine associates would love to hear from you through Whatsapp, e-mail and phone call.
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