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    "The Best Online Wine Wholesaler"


    Founded in 2013, Pinewood Wine is a young and dynamic wine merchant with exceptional selection of wines & beverages.

    Our diverse portfolio places Pinewood Wine in the lead of the Hong Kong wine industry, and we strive to stay at the forefront by sourcing new wines & beverages from all around the world. All wines are carefully chosen by our professional purchasing team.

    Pinewood Wine成立於2013年,是一家年輕而充滿活力的葡萄酒商,提供各種精選葡萄酒和飲料。

    多元化的產品組合令Pinewood Wine成為香港葡萄酒行業的領導者,我們從世界各地採購新的葡萄酒和飲料,致力保持領先地位。 所有葡萄酒均由我們的專業採購團隊精心挑選。

    Revealing the hidden gems― the best value and quality wines is our passion.

    我們充滿熱誠,竭力發掘高性價比隱藏的寶石 - 優質的葡萄酒。

    The fine wines selected by our team are prominent and of best value. Outstanding vintages and RP 90 (Robert Parker) or above in general.

    我們團隊選取的優質葡萄酒口味突出,性價比高,一般都獲得RP 90(羅伯特帕克)評分或以上。

    The best part to shop at Pinewood Wine?

    Even with no professional wine knowledge or advice, you can randomly pick one from our list and we assure you our wine won't let you down.

    為何選擇Pinewood Wine?


    Long-lasting Relationships

    Pinewood Wine values our customers, suppliers and our team.

    We aim to develop long-lasting relationships with all parties and always exceed their expectations.

    Since the launch of our company, Pinewood Wine takes an innovative approach for both wholesale and retail markets and has immediately become one of the largest importers of French wines in Hong Kong.

    Close partnership was built with a lot of winery owners and wine negociants.

    We work closely and exchange ideas with producers all year long, striving to improve the wine quality and selection available to bring memorable experience to our customers. Such partnership made it possible for Pinewood Wine to serve many main stream e-commerce shopping platforms, supermarkets, restaurants, and wine shops exclusively in Hong Kong. More than 300 thousand bottles of wine were imported by us every year.


    Pinewood Wine重視我們的客戶、供應商和我們的團隊。

    自公司成立以來,Pinewood Wine採用創新方法進行批發和零售,瞬間成為香港最大的法國酒進口商之一。


    我們全年與生產商緊密合作,交流意見,努力提高葡萄酒的質量和提供更多選擇,為顧客帶來難忘的體驗。 這種合作關係使Pinewood Wine能夠為香港許多主流電子商務購物平台、超市、餐館和葡萄酒商店提供服務。 我們每年進口超過30萬瓶葡萄酒。


    Our Exclusive Wine Brands in Hong Kong

    Pinewood Wine is the sole agent of the following brands and all of their products are exclusively distributed by us in Hong Kong.


    Pinewood Wine 是以下品牌的香港獨家代理商,所有產品均由我們獨家經銷。

    Grand Reyne
    Grand Reyne
    Chateau La Bastide
    Chateau La Bastide
    Cave du Marmandais
    Cave du Marmandais
    Doudet Naudin
    Doudet Naudin
    Chapuy Champagne
    Ca N'Estruc
    Ca N'Estruc
    La Locomotora
    La Locomotora


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  • Wines imported directly from Chateaux / Domaines
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  • Wide variety of our exclusive brands

  • Professional Advise - Event planning

    Pinewood Wine is experienced in organizing events. We will advise the best wines and other beverages for companies or private events and even if you need extended F&B service, we can help coordinate as well.

    We are also happy to utilize our expertise for your private enjoyment!

    Feel free to contact our dynamic team for a chat!

    專業建議 - 活動策劃

    Pinewood Wine在籌辦活動方面經驗豐富。 我們會為公司或私人活動提供最好的葡萄酒和其他飲料。如需要餐飲服務,我們樂意效勞。



    Working Partners

    Pinewood Wine is a dynamic company. As a leading wine merchant on e-commerce and event planning, we are open to all kinds of collaboration and ideas. Please contact our team for a chat!


    Pinewood Wine是一家充滿活力的公司, 作為電子商務和活動策劃領域上卓越領先的葡萄酒商,我們歡迎各種合作模式和構思。如有興趣, 歡迎聯繫我們的團隊!

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