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    Pinewood Wine Society 

    Welcome to Pinewood Wine Society! 

    Join us to indulge in the mesmerizing wine world and be amazed by hundreds of quality wines at a very good price, wandering through a wide range of selections from France, Spain, Italy to Finland! We selected the best, you enjoy the rest!

    Discover all there is to know about wine 

    Expertise, advice, recipes and hot topics; we have everything you need and ever wanted to know about wine, and then more! 

    Welcome to The Pinewood Wine Society, we are here to engage wine enthusiasts together for a journey of experiencing the best possible value with values from the award-winning range of wines to collections from exceptional quality brands across the globe. Integrity, originality and an insatiable curiosity to find the world's most thrilling wines. 

    Join Our Tastings and Other Events

    • Discover the delights of food and wine matching, take a deep dive into a favourite region and more with our calendar of live and online events. 

    • Wine is best when shared. You will enjoy our high quality wines and share the happiness of appreciating the beauty of the wine with each other in our delicate tasting room, having an enjoyable food and wine pairing experience, leading the exceptional journey by our passionate Brand Ambassadors.

    Our Community 

    • Connect with fellow members on our Community, where you can swap tips, seek advice and take part in exclusive events. 

    • For the members of Pinewood Wine Society, we offer you a series of routine thematic tastings and events, private event planning, venue rental, membership privilege offers for in house and affiliated events. 

    • Throughout the activities, we would like to establish a connection with the members, and also among the members themselves. So we can share, explore and experience the beautiful wine world together.

    Getting more from your membership

    When you join The Pinewood Wine Society, you’ll get access to far more than just great wines – our Tastings & Events, Education Programmes, WSET Courses, online guides and inspiration, plus access to our Community will help you get the most out of whatever.
    Book Your “Wine Tasting Tour” !

    It’s all FREE!!! 

    Each “Wine Tasting Tour” will last up to 1 hr with a max of 4 pax. 
    Pick any sessions during our opening hour and make an appointment through WhatsApp at +852 9639 9800 or the online platform.

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