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    " Completely pure and unique in taste, containing absolutely no environmental pollution. "


    Vellamo is the name of the Finnish Goddess spirit of water, the source of life. Far before any history and human existence, there were gigantic glaciers on the Nordic lands back in a hundred thousand years ago. When the earth came to a later period of the previous ice age 10,000 years ago, some of this glacial water meandered its way to an underground cavern. Above this cavern, there remains a massive glacier, forming an impenetrable layer of ice and rock which seals off this cavern from the atmosphere and pollution. It is a groundwater perfectly nurtured by the mother earth.

    My elegant design and luxurious appearance appeal to people, time and time again. Some might even call me exquisite. The Vellamo bottle is like a block of ice, reflecting the blue color of the glacier. The flowing water element from the top to the bottom tells how water ran through the glacier all the way to the Nordic soil. When you place Vellamo face down on her side, you can find the canyon, her home. On top of that, with a little bit of imagination, you can find a goddess like figure in the flowing water element

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