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    Château Buera

    A continuous heritage of winemaking that counts 8000 years

    Traces of the centuries-long history of Georgian winemaking can be found in scientific, literary or historical works, legends and archeological materials. 

     For at least 8000 years, the vine cares symbolic and sacred meaning for the Georgian people. All the legends clearly show that for Georgians winemaking and wine drinking has always been a certain form of art. 

     Even centuries ago, in this country full of vineyards, one could see a wine cellar in every peasant's house. Traditional way of storing the wine was a complete mystery to a stranger: no barrels, no pots or jars were visible anywhere. The only hint could be a row of hills right on the ground. In 2013 UNESCO added the traditional Georgian method of making wine in Qvevris (large earthenware vessels) as “Qvevri Wine” to the list of world’s intangible cultural heritage.


    Napareuli PDO, Kakheti, Georgia


    Maisuradze Family



    Château Buera Winery was founded in 2018 by Goga Maisuradze, the founder of Lopota Spa Resort. He worked relentlessly to expand the borders of the Georgian tourism industry and made a great contribution to the development of the region. He was a dedicated wine entrepreneur and he believed in the great potential of Georgian wine. After his decease, the winery is managed by his family. 

     Château Buera's winemaking is actively growing and developing while working with our team of motivated and professional young people. 

     The full cycle of Château Buera winemaking - form the approach of minimal intervention in the process of vine growing and winemaking, to the restoration of grapes of rare Georgian varieties – rises from the goal of its founder, Goga Maisuradze – creating high quality reserve Georgian wine. 

     Château Buera’s philosophy of winemaking is based on the preservation of nature, respect for the soil, and the harmonious relationships of humans and ground. 

     To maintain the integrity of the bunches, they are hand-picked and placed in open boxes. After splitting the grapes, they are placed on a special vibrating table and only the most healthy grains are selected for fermentation. The fermentation process takes place both in stainless steel tanks and qvevris - a traditional method, after which the wine is transferred for ageing to French oak barrels.


    Production of our highest quality wine is based on well-groomed vineyards 

    The vineyards of Château Buera in the Napareuli microzone are spread on alluvial, rocky soils of the Northern slope and expand over 5 hectares of land. 

    The Great Caucasus Mountains form a barrier that protects Georgia from the cold air of the North and leaves its Western ridge open to warm and humid air coming from the Black Sea, which is an important factor in this region. The grape clusters are protected from extreme temperatures – whether it’s heat or cold. 

    The climate of Napareuli is moderately humid, with mild winters, summers that are not so hot and two rainy seasons in the year. The local micro-climate, the structure of soil, and the harmonious relationship we have with our land – all this promotes the special quality of grape in the Château Buera vineyards. 

    To secure the aroma of grapes, we do the so-called “green works” – it means removing excess bunches of grapes from the vine.


    Château Buera Saperavi Reserved 2018
    Aged in French oak barrels for 14 months and in bottles for 18 months.
    Characterised by a dark pomegranate colour and has pronounced aromas, complex with lifted floral, dark berry fruit and deeply resonant roasted spice notes. Full bodied and rich with firm and ripe tannins. Full of ripe blackfruits on the palate with a long finish. It can be kept for years.  
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