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    About Pinewood Wine Limited 

           Pinewood Wine is a member of Pinewood Group Holdings Limited. Founded in 2013, Pinewood Wine leaped into the great potential of Hong Kong’s online market. Since then, Pinewood Wine has become the biggest wine distributor on all leading Hong Kong e-commerce platforms and achieved the accomplishment of "The Best Online Wine Wholesaler". Pinewood Wine is the sole distributor of 30 exclusive brands in Hong Kong and Macau at the moment. All wines are endorsed by HKQAA under the “Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme" which ensures the authenticity of product origin. With the target of delivering wine with the best values to customers, Pinewood Wine continues to lead Hong Kong’s online market into a new era. Being successful online, the next ambition of Pinewood Wine is to become the biggest wine distributor in Hong Kong.

           With over 1,000 wine products and over 500,000 bottles of wine being sold in Hong Kong annually, Pinewood Wine has developed a strong partnership with many trade partners by offering the best marketing and distribution solutions. For instance, as the top wine distributor in HKTVmall, Pinewood Wine achieved record-breaking sales with over 50,000 bottles of a single item being sold on the platform within only 3 years. Our extensive portfolio is omnipresent from retail markets, and online platforms to luxury dining outlets with many positive feedback. 

           Driven by pioneering spirit and passion, Pinewood Wine's young and energetic wine specialists always strive for excellence. The core corporate values of Pinewood Wine are "Innovation, Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility". A powerful open and creative mind keeps Pinewood Wine striving for novelty. Partnering with online platforms, as well as luxury outlets, allows Pinewood Wine to offer customers an unparalleled experience. Apart from offering professional advice on wine pairing, the passion of Pinewood Wine wine specialists also emphasize the concept of “Dolce Vita (sweet life)” by assisting in organizing different private and mega events, designing corporate gifts, and partnering with different companies to roll out special programs. Pinewood Wine customizes each client's project to accommodate individual styles, tastes, and budgets with an aim to make every aspect of your event or experience memorable. 

           By collaborating with luxury hotels, restaurants, and banks, such as Mastercard, Mira Dining, and Shangri-La, as well as media sponsorship, Pinewood Wine is committed to ceaselessly seeking new partners and reach out to iconic brands to inherit the tradition and cultivate their own uniqueness to strengthen the appeal and reputation of the brands. Let your wine journey be guided with passion and dedication by Pinewood Wine! 

    有關 Pinewood Wine Limited 

             Pinewood Wine 是Pinewood Group Holdings Limited旗下的公司。成立於 2013 年,Pinewood Wine看準香港的網上市場,成為了香港各大網購平台最大的葡萄酒供應商, 亦成就了「最佳網上葡萄酒批發商」之名。現時,Pinewood Wine 有30個獨家品牌,是香港和澳門地區的獨家經銷商,持續帶領著網上市場,向消費者帶來性價比極高的葡萄酒。Pinewood Wine的產品皆有HKQAA香港品質保證局的「香港葡萄酒註冊計劃」認證,保證全部貨品直接從供應商進口。Pinewood Wine 下一個目標就是成為全港最大的葡萄酒批發商。

             現時,我們超過 1,000 個產品,並每年售出超過 500,000 瓶葡萄酒,並一直向合作夥伴提供最佳的營銷和分銷方案,由2018年開始與各大合作夥伴一起成長,而HKTVmall正是當中的最佳例子,在短短3年內,已經有產品於HKTVmall平台上的銷量突破40,000,創下葡萄酒銷售新高。我們廣泛的產品組合從零售市場、網上購物平台到高級餐聽都無所不在,並獲得大量好評。 

             憑藉創新及熱情的推動之下,我們年輕而充滿活力的團隊精益求精,堅持我們的企業價值 – 「創新、企業參與和企業社會責任」,讓 Pinewood Wine 不斷突破。與網上購物平台以及知名品牌合作,使我們能夠為客戶提供無與倫比的體驗。除了提供專業的葡萄酒搭配建議外,我們亦參與不同的私人和大型活動,與各類公司合作推出特別聯乘,來強調“Dolce Vita (甜美生活)”的概念,我們會根據每位客戶的個人風格、品味和預算來度身訂立獨一無二的配搭,讓客戶在活動或體驗的各個方面都感到難忘。通過與萬事達卡、美麗華集團、香格里拉等酒店、餐廳和銀行合作,以及各類型的媒體贊助,我們致力尋找新的合作夥伴,與其他品牌合作,從而增強合作品牌的吸引力和知名度。

     #1 E-commerce Wine Distributor

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    Free Delivery

    The Best Online Wine Wholesaler

    Record Breaking within 3 years
    Over 10,000 bottles sold across 28 wine products on HKTVmall
    超過28個產品於 HKTVmall 銷量三年突破10,000

    Explore the fun of online shopping! 

    Our products are listed on plenty of leading shopping platforms, including HKTV Mall, Ztore, The Club Shopping, Towngas Fun, Vivino, Foodpanda, Pricecom, Klook, KKDay, etc. The platforms will have flash sales regularly, so wine lovers can always explore the fun of online shopping by just clicking a button!
    50K+                   40K+ 
    Chateau La Bastide Rouge           Doudet Naudin - Chardonnay 

    #Bottles of Wine sold on HKTVmall  [SALES RECORD] 
    As of Aug, 2023

    Record Breaking RedRecord Breaking White
    50,000+ bottles of red wine [Chateau La Bastide Rouge] are sold

    40,000+ bottles of white wine [Doudet Naudin - Chardonnay] are sold

    Gilbert & Gaillard - The French Experts on Wine

    "'s key partners are e-commerce platforms such as HKTVmall, Ztore, Clublike and Big Big Channel.
    The e-tailers generate impressive sales volumes, with single items potentially selling 30,000 bottles on just one platform. .

    ..which alsoworks with dining groups such as Mira Dining and the Shangrila group to roll out a number ofbrand-promotion programmes. 

    The focus aligns well with its portfolio, heavily skewed towards Old World wines, mainly France, Spain and Italy." (P.26)

    Spring 2022

    "Revealing the hidden gems― the best value and quality wines is our passion."

    Grow your wine knowledge with us! All the fine wines are carefully selected by our professional wine specialists which are prominent and of best value. You can just enjoy meticulous wines easy breezy at your finger tips! Outstanding vintages and RP 90 (Robert Parker) or above in general.

    Need Professional Advise? Contact us!

    Our professional wine associates would love to hear from you through Whatsapp, e-mail and phone call.
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