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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Caring for Stray Cats

    Spread love to kitties by refusing the wine crates!

    In order to support the protection of stray cats, Pinewood Wine cooperated with an organisation that protects stray cats and donated a batch of wooden wine crates that we unloaded in the warehouse to the organisation to make the wooden crates into a warm residence, so that they can still shelter from wind and rain in bad weather. The wooden wine crates have never received much attention, but they can actually be made into a warm and practical home for stray cats, which is of great significance. We hope that we can continue to donate more wooden wine crates to different stray animal protection organisations in the future so as to provide care for more stray animals, let them feel the warmth from us, and regain their confidence in human beings.

    [25 July, 2023]


    循環利用木酒箱,分享愛意予貓咪!為支持保護流浪貓咪,Pinewood Wine 與保護流浪貓咪機構攜手合作,利用我們在貨倉卸下的一批木酒箱捐贈給機構,讓他們把木箱製作成一個溫暖的空間,送贈給流浪貓咪一族作為一個安全的避風港,一個溫暖的住所,讓牠們能在惡劣天氣的環境下,仍能夠遮風擋雨。 向來不備受重視的木酒箱,原來也能製作成既溫暖又實用的家給流浪貓咪,實在富有很大的意義。希望我們在未來能繼續捐贈更多的木酒箱給不同的保護流浪動物機構,為更多流浪動物送上關懷,讓牠們感受到來自我們的溫暖,重拾對人類的信心。[2023年7月25日]

    A Mid-Autumn Festival full of love and joy

    This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, we are delighted to be able to share the joy of the festival with our local charity, "Food Angel", as well as our communities in Sham Shui Po. 

    On September 7th, 2022, we distributed a total of 672 mooncakes (Lei Garden - White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Double Yolks and Mini Egg Custard Mooncake).Through this sharing action, we hope to pass on our love to everyone in the community. Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with your families and friends! 

     [07 Sept, 2022]


    好高興可以再次與本地慈善機構「惜食堂」分享中秋節的節日喜悅,在9月7日,Pinewood Wine 在深水埗惜食堂合共送出了672個利苑月餅。(雙黃白蓮蓉月餅及迷你奶黃月餅)



    守護香港 康復香港:支持惜食堂

     Pinewood Wine與香港人站在同一陣線,以行動支持!今次向受惠機構 惜食堂 Food Angel 捐出365公斤白米,希望能出一分力就出一分力!



    Protecting and Recovering Hong Kong

    We continue to support Hong Kong!

    Pinewood Wine stands with Hong Kong people, and supports you with action! We donated 365 kg of rice to our local charity, Food Angel. Hoping that we can help as much as we can! 

    [12 Feb, 2020]

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