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    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多金龍船



    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多紅酒



    Grand Reyne is the newest treasure discovered in Bordeaux, France. Back in the days where traders prayed for a safe sail, a special trading ship was embossed with dragon for good luck. One night under the full moon, a storm attacked a troop of trading ships on the ocean. Countless ships could not survive, but the one and only “dragon ship” made it through the waves. Since then, this dragon has become a symbol of luck, victory, as well as prosperity.

    Grand Reyne 法國波爾多金龍船 是剛被發掘的波爾多寶藏。很久以前,商船都要冒著波濤洶湧的海浪出海,當時,一艘船就為了祈求平安而在船身雕刻了龍的圖騰。某個月圓之夜,突如其來的風暴吹襲一團商船,商船幾乎都被淹沒,唯獨那艘刻了龍的船乘風破浪,勇猛地戰勝了驚濤駭浪。從那時開始,龍便成為了好運、勝利及豐盛的象徵。

    This is how Grand Reyne is presented. With grapes from the great Bordeaux, it set sail to the globe, bringing the finest taste of what this ship is proud of; summoning luck, victory, and prosperity for those who have consumed this magical potion.

    這個就是 Grand Reyne 金龍船背後的故事,這首金龍船現在航行到世界各地,帶來金龍引以為榮的波爾多葡萄酒,亦帶來好運、勝利和豐盛。

    The Vineyards of Grand Reyne are located in the South of Gironde, AOC Bordeaux.
    The terroir is clay and limestone. This favoured the growing of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. 

    Grand Reyne 金龍船的葡萄田位於法國波爾多的 Gironde 南部,屬黏土及石灰岩土壤,有利耕種梅洛、赤霞珠及品麗珠。 


    The red wine of Grand Reyne consists of 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 10% Cabernet Franc. A very nice harmony between the woodiness and the fruitiness.

    Grand Reyne  金龍船用 60% 梅洛、30% 赤霞珠及10% 品麗珠釀製,木味與果香非常平衡。

    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多金龍船Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多金龍船



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