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    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多金龍船



    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多紅酒




    Grand Reyne is the newest treasure discovered in Bordeaux, France. Back in the days where traders prayed for a safe sail, a special trading ship was embossed with dragon for good luck. One night under the full moon, a storm attacked a troop of trading ships on the ocean. Countless ships could not survive, but the one and only “dragon ship” made it through the waves. Since then, this dragon has become a symbol of luck, victory, as well as prosperity.

    Grand Reyne法國波爾多金龍船是剛被發掘的波爾多寶藏。很久以前,商船都要冒著波濤洶湧的海浪出海,當時,一艘船就為了祈求平安而在船身雕刻了龍的圖騰。某個月圓之夜,突如其來的風暴吹襲一團商船,商船幾乎都被淹沒,唯獨那艘刻了龍的船乘風破浪,勇猛地戰勝了驚濤駭浪。從那時開始,龍便成為了好運、勝利及豐盛的象徵。


    The wine estate was established in Bordeaux near Garonne, a well-known river in France. The grapes have benefited from specific climatic and geological conditions: abundant minerals, climatic stability, soil water retention and cooler clay soils. It made Merlot, the main ingredients for the blend, a stronger tannins expression with tobacco, tar and earth aromas.

    酒莊位於波爾多區,接近法國著名河流加龍河,葡萄盡得天時地利之好處:豐富的礦物質、較為穩定的氣候、保水性好及相對涼爽的黏土,令金龍船酒主要成份─ 梅洛葡萄,具有更高的單寧含量,同時散發出煙草、焦油和泥土等氣息。

    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne Possessing the on and on wine-making experience, Grand Reyne found the secret of authentic South West France's flavours. This wine offers a range of flavors: Merlot expresses fruity aromas with a soft finish, at the same time, a medium body with moderate acidity given by Cabernet Sauvignon. A soft but present tannins with toast in the mouth. The blend enhances its characteristic in easy-to-drink styles, tickling people's fancy.
    酒莊憑著於當地多年經驗釀製出法國西南部人最喜愛的口味。紅酒散發梅洛濃郁的果香及悠長餘韻,同時帶有赤霞珠飽滿的口感,單寧足而酸度夠,烘焙香洋溢口腔。其平易近人又不失個性的特質,抓住當地人的心。 Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne


    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne

    In Bordeaux, the wine estate worked in obscurity for years. Being familiar with distinct French style, people knew Grand Reyne only by reputation. With the popularisation of wines in Asia recently, the story of “dragon ship” inspires Grand Reyne to redesign and to repackage their wines, therefore to promote them in world. The wine estate wishes this brand new design brings good luck and success to wine lovers!

    Grand Reyne酒莊一直在法國波爾多區默默耕耘,了解最地道的法國口味,漸漸在當地建立良好口碑。到近年隨著葡萄酒在亞洲普及化,Grand Reyne 酒莊以龍圖騰商船做概念,重新設計及包裝,準備把酒推向世界!同時希望「金龍船」設計能為酒客帶來滿滿的好運及勝利!

    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多金龍船

    Grand Reyne has been a bestselling wine on sevearl e-commerce platforms over the Chinese New Year season. Perfect for HongKonger!

    每逢佳節,Grand Reyne法國波爾多金龍船均於各大網購平台盡掃一空,可見其深受港人歡迎!




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    Pinewood Wine: Grand Reyne 法國波爾多金龍船




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