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    German's Draft Beer No.1

    Keeping to the rules of brewing & Only the best ingredients

    Since the introduction in 1516 of the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law, which has been governing German breweries for half a millennium, German beer is a 100 percent natural product.

    The decisive factors in determining the quality and taste of a beer are a very careful selection of ingredients and the care taken in the brewing process. That's why, for example, the Bitburger quality teams visit the growers personally at harvest time to inspect the hops used in our Premium Beer. Most of the high-quality bitter and aroma hops used by Bitburger come from the well-known Hallertau area of Bavaria, the largest contiguous hops growing region in the world. In addition, Bitburger also uses the unique, certified "seal" hops, cultivated in the neighbouring Holsthum region in the district of Bitburg-Prüm. Only this can give Bitburger Premium Pils its distinctive and unmistakable flavour.


    德國自1516已經立法管制德國既啤酒廠確保德國啤酒係100 %天然!



    此外,Bitburger使用經認證的“seal”啤酒花,栽培於鄰國霍爾斯圖姆區比特堡 - Prüm地區。就係咁因為特別既啤酒花,Bitburger先有咁鮮明既風味。



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