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    SINCE 1849

    Founded in 1849 by Albert Brenot in Savigny-lès-Beaune, Doudet-Naudin is one of the oldest Burgundy wine Maisons. In 1933 it was acquired by the Doudet family, who have developed and expanded the Maison while preserving its fundamental values: respect for traditions and excellence. 

    Location: 3 Rue Henri Cyrot21420 Savigny-lès-Beaune, France
    Head: Christophe Rochet 


    Domaine Doudet, with over 13 hectares to the North of Côte de Beaune, attests to our expertise. This heritage has great value because of the high quality and diversity of its appellations. The Domaine includes some treasures, such as Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru, “Les Maréchaudes” Corton GrandCru, “En Redrescul” Savigny 1er (Premier) Cru, etc. In total 15 appellations are 
    produced, all located around the iconic  Corton mountain and 
    the village of Savigny-lès-Beaune.


    The whole Domaine is worked with controlled yields and environmentally-friendly pest management methods. The organic, pesticide-free treatments are reduced to the bare minimum. We 
    practice light ploughing  to preserve the overall balance of the 
    vineyard and its ecosystem.


    Corton Maréchaudes Grand Cru embodies the rich history of Domaine Doudet with limited production each year. Made using only pinot noir, the complexity and finesse of the wine is a result of the harvest from more than 70-year-old vine of our estate, to echo on the palate with layers of fruitiness and spiciness.


    Renowned for its absolute mastery of traditional vinification methods: manual harvesting, sorting and cap-punching, destemming, 
    ploughed with horses, long vatting and pneumatic pressing, 
    Doudet-Naudin perpetuates the tradition and continues 
    to amaze taste buds with its unique blend of wine.


    “For almost two centuries we have been producing great wines with a single goal: to reveal and highlight the Burgundy terroir while respecting the traditional values we hold dear: authenticity and quality.”

     Christophe Rochet, Head of Doudet-Naudin 
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