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    Since 1849

                Founded in 1849 by Albert Brenot in Savigny-lès-Beaune, Doudet Naudin is one of the oldest Burgundy wine Maisons. In 1933 it was acquired by the Doudet family, who have developed and expanded the Maison while preserving its fundamental values: respect for traditions and excellence. Christophe Rochet, the current head of Doudet-Naudin, is committed to maintaining the values of this well-respected Maison while restructuring it. For almost two centuries, Doudet-Naudin has been producing great wines with a single goal: to reveal and highlight the Burgundy terroir while respecting the traditional values: "authenticity and quality".

                Doudet-Naudin位於法國Burgundy的核心地帶,由Albert Brenot於1849年在Savigny-Les-Beaune村莊創立,為當地最古老的酒莊之一,直到1933年轉交Doudet家族經營酒莊,在拓展腹地之際,也堅持保有酒莊最重要的傳統信念,目前由Christophe Rochet負責管理。經歷了接近200年的Doudet-Naudin,一直堅守同一個信念:發掘並宣揚Burgundy的地區特性,同時遵守傳統價值:「獨特和品質」

    To reveal and highlight the Burgundy terroir
    while respecting the traditional values:
    "authenticity and quality".

    Grands Vins de Bourgogne

              Domaine Doudet, with over 13 hectares to the North of Côte de Beaune, attests to our expertise. This heritage has great value because of the high quality and diversity of its appellations. The Domaine includes some treasures, such as Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru, “Les Maréchaudes” Corton Grand Cru, “En Redrescul” Savigny 1er (Premier) Cru, etc. In total 15 appellations are produced, all located around the iconic Corton mountain and the village of Savigny-lès-Beaune.

             Doudet-Naudin現時擁有超過13公頃的葡萄園,因當地海拔為較高的高山區,土壤含有豐富的石灰岩,正因這樣特殊的自然環境,造就了最能表現獨特風土的產區,其中更有幾個頂級的葡萄園,例如Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru、“Les Maréchaudes” Corton Grand Cru“En Redrescul” Savigny 1er (Premier) Cru等,合共15個AOC產區,全部位於Corton山區及Savigny-lès-Beaune村莊。

              Domaine Isabelle Doudet has always belonged to the Doudet family. Today the 13 hectares of this estate are managed by Isabelle, the third generation of this family of wine-growers. Passionate about the vine, Isabelle is also in charge of the winemaking, bringing her talent and a characteristic signature to these superb wines.


              The whole Domaine is worked with controlled yields and environmentally-friendly pest management methods. The organic, pesticide-free treatments are reduced to the bare minimum. We practice light ploughing to preserve the overall balance of the vineyard and its ecosystem.


              The Domaine’s vines tend to be relatively old, up to 70 years old for the oldest!  A sign of our rigour and attachment to the vine is the fact that certain plots are, even today, only worked by hand or ploughed with horses. 


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