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    Pinewood Wine: Champagne Chapuy


                Champagne CHAPUY is a family estate of 8 hectares of vineyards . The majority of them are planted in the "Côte des Blancs" with Chardonnay grape variety, which allows to produce a fine and light Blanc de Blancs Champagne, very typical of this region. Among them, 3 hectares belong to the famous "Grand Cru" village of Oger. Other family plots, located in the "Coteaux Sud d'Epernay" and planted with Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grape varieties (3 hectares), are used to produce the blended Champagnes, more fruity and mellow.

                查普王香檳位於法國香檳白丘( Cote des Blancs )產區的奧格村( Oger ),是當地一座家族經營的小型精品酒莊。 查普家族在奧格村居住已久,法國大革命後,還曾有家族成員擔任奧格村村長。家族在當地的釀酒歷史已有一個多世紀,1952年,塞爾日•查普( Serge Chapuy )創立了查普王香檳品牌,並開始對外銷售。 酒莊共擁有葡萄園8公頃,其中大部分位於白丘,種植著優質的霞多麗( Chardonnay )葡萄,用於釀造當地傳統的白中白( Blanc de Blancs )香檳,這之中又有3公頃屬於著名的特級村莊( Grand Cru )奧格村。另外,酒莊還種植了3公頃黑皮諾( Pinot Noir )和莫尼耶皮諾( Pinot Meunier ),用於釀造混釀香檳,帶來果香和柔和的口感。 

                CHAPUY Family is inextricably linked with Oger's history because one of its ancestors was mayor of the village just after the French Revolution.
    Wine - growing is stuck in the family tradition since more than a century, but Serge CHAPUY was the actual brand creator and started to commercialize Champagne in 1952. His son Arnold ,the actual Chairman , decided in 1981 to succeed his father at the head of the Family Estate . He was joined by his daughter Elodie in 2003 , who cares about the development of the brand overseas. Aurore, the younger daughter of the CHAPUY's family is in charge of the vineyards farming and winemaking since 2008.

                查普王香檳致力推出“價格親民的優質香檳”性價比高,深受消費者的喜愛。 其中,查普王(奧格特級村)白中白極幹型年份香檳(Champagne Chapuy Blanc de Blancs Brut Millesime 2012, Oger Grand Cru )呈清透的金色,散發出黃李和桃子的香氣,口感綿密清新,具有典型的霞多麗特徵; 查普王奧格特級村黑標極幹型香檳(Champagne Chapuy Livree Noire Brut, Oger Grand Cru )口感平衡,高貴優雅,與龍蝦等珍貴的菜餚是良配; 查普王傳統極幹型桃紅香檳(Champagne Chapuy Tradition Brut Rose )則展現出紅色莓果的風味,體現了黑皮諾的特點。

    The Family Estate's Motto : A Premium quality Champagne at an "owner" price .

    "Lightness, delicacy and freshness."

                Most of Chapuy's Champagnes are made of a blending of wines that have undergone their malolactic fermentation and other not only the vintage Champagnes were fully vinified without malolactic fermentation to retain their freshness in time. Primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. Clarification involves only filtering but no centrifuging. Blended wines are finally bottled to start their secondary fermentation "Prise de mousse", 6 to 8 months after the harvest. Conservation "sur lattes" (maturation on lees in the bottle): 2 to 3 years for non-vintage Cuvées and 5 years for vintage Champagnes. Storage after disgorging: 3 to 6 months depending on he season'sales. The dosage or "liqueur d'expédition" is only based on Chardonnay wines so that it doesn't mark aromatically the vintage Cuvées.



    In Japan, Champagne Chapuy is also highly appreciated. Chapuy's Brut Tradition and Demi-sec Tradition were exclusively served by Japan Airlines for their First Class passengers in 2018 because of the high quality of Chapuy. It was praised for its well-balanced body and freshness of white flowers and honey.        在日本,查普王香檳也深受欣賞,更是2018年日航為頭等乘客提供的指定香檳品牌。日航選用的Brut Tradition,是非常優質的香檳,酒身幼滑輕盈,與泡沫完美平衡,有清新的花味與果味,及微妙的蜜糖味作結尾。


                In addition, Chapuy was featured in the famous Japanese Manga "Drops of God". They even collaborated to issue a special edition Champagne with a scene of the manga printed on the bottle, captioned "Forget me not".  


    Chapuy's Champagnes received awards for several times. For example, Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut Millesime 2012 and Livree Noire Brut 2008 got Silver and Bronze awards in Decanter respectively.

    Chapuy的香檳屢次獲獎,品質深受國際承認,尤其Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut Millesime 2012 及 Livree Noire Brut 2008, 更於Decanter 分別獲取過銀獎及銅獎。


    In 2019, Chapuy's Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Extra Brut received silver medal in "Challenge to the Best French WInes & Spirits for Asia."

    在2019年,查普王的特級白中白乾型香檳 (Extra Brut) 於






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