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    Since 1574

    Ca N’Estruc is a family property located in a unique place, the slopes of the mountain of Montserrat, in the municipal term of Esparreguera (near Barcelona). The estate is one of the oldest properties – documented since 1574 – and has lived in harmony with its environment for centuries. Currently, 22 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in this unique area – benefited and sheltered by this magical mountain, from which full ranges of young and ageing wines are elaborated. Ca N’Estruc is the first winery registered in the DO Catalunya, created in 1999, heir to a winemaking tradition with more than 2000 years of history.


    C.C. 1414 km 1,05.08292 Esparreguera3 Rue Henri Cyrot21420 Savigny-lès-Beaune, France


    Francisco Marti


    22 hectares of vineyards are located in the estate at 165 meters above sea level, enjoying a specific microclimate, that are sheltered from the cold winds of the north thanks to the natural barrier created by the mountain of Montserrat. This protection allows enjoying cool summers and mild winters with an average annual temperature of 14.1ºC. The alluvial terrain, clayey-calcareous and gravelly soil, favors the quality of the grape with low yields. The plantations are perfectly oriented, from north to south, to optimize the use of the sun, studying the appropriate planting framework in each plot according to the variety.


    In Ca N’Estruc, autochthonous varieties coexist, such as the white xarel·lo, muscat, macabeu and white garnatxa or the garnatxa and carinyena inks, along with a wide selection of foreign varieties, but perfectly adapted as chardonnay, syrah, tannat and petit verdot, all of them with more than twenty years. New plantations are gradually being incorporated to produce the young wines of the cellar. 


    There are different plots surround the family house and the cellar. The most recent plantings are conducted in trellis, to favour a better ventilation, avoid the treatments to the maximum and get an unbeatable health in the plant. The oldest vineyards, with an average of 40 years, are still pruned in head, looking for sustained productions to obtain a grape of the highest quality. This careful pruning and clearing of grapes at the time of veraison, helps to achieve a more balanced fruit ripening. Likewise, Ca N’Estruc controls and acquires grapes from old vines, aged between 40 and 60 years old, selected from among the vine growers of the area, adding 20 more hectares to their own.


    Ca N'Estruc were widely reported by Spanish and Foreign press. With its exceptional high quality and popularity, the wines were often selected to be used at international events, 5-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. It was once featured in the famous Japanese Manga "Drops of God".
    All of the 3 flavours namely L'Equilibrista (left), Blanc (middle) & Garnatxa (right) scored over 90 points on Robert Parker and Guia Penin rating. Each one possesses unique characteristic with specific flavours that are also printed on the label. 
    Awarded over 80 points of Robert Parker and Guía Peñin rating that embodies the pure essence of Xarel.lo grape, an elegantly structured old-vines wine. Aromas of fresh, green apples and dry grass. Juicy and floral on the palate with a silky and enveloping mouth-feel.
    Awarded with 86 points of Guía Peñin rating that gives you slightly sweet red berry fruit aromas come through on the nose. Creamy on the palate with savoury ripe fruit hints and subtle notes of patisserie and strawberries, balanced with fineness and a touch of red berry fruit coming throu­gh in the finish.



    Ca N’Estruc, the “House of the Estruch”, is a property documented since 1574, intimately linked to the family name whose last carrier was Francisco Martí Estruch, grandfather of the current owner of the estate, Francisco Martí Badia.Until 1960s, the traditional activity of the estate was agriculture and livestock including vineyards, cereals, fruit trees, olive trees and an orchard, which was combined with the breeding of farmyard animals. With a considerable production, the estate turned commercialized in the municipal market of Esparreguera.


    1980 marked the turning point of the Estate, when Francisco succeeded Andrés Martí, his father's business by borrowing idea from trustworthy and passionate winemaker to deploy pofessionalized exploitation on the traditional winemaking craftsmanship.  resulted is improved wine quality. The traditional pruning system was also changed from head to trellis, and they selected clones for the best-adapted varieties to the area: xarel·lo, macabeo, chardonnay, white garnatxa, muscat, syrah, garnatxa tinta, carinyena, tannat and petit verdot.

    Refining the Process

    The renovation of the facilities in 2011 has improved the quality in the whole process of elaboration, achieving finer and more balanced wines. Traditional method, selection, destemming and pressing of the grapes and settling in stainless steel tanks and fermentation in French oak barrels with indigenous yeasts. Fermentation took place under controlled temperature. Keep in new Allier French oak barrels of 500 L from different cooperages and in wooden barrels of 2,500 L for months.


    The Elaboration

    Since 2014, with the incorporation of Anna Martí, the eldest daughter of Francisco Martí, a new path begins in parallel with the elaboration of /Bi/: wines aged in amphora, completely natural, without additives and without mechanical intervention of any kind, and which are made with grapes from an agriculture that respects the environment. The elaboration of these wines of very limited production has marked a tendency towards the less interventionist elaborations and more natural, that has been applied to the rest of the wines of Ca N’Estruc.
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