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           Locomotora is another joint project between Miguel Angel de Gregorio of the respected Finca Allende and Quim Villa, owner of Villa Vineteca. The original idea was to source the best fruit from single vineyard sites (Pagos) selected for their quality of terroir and age of vines. Originally the grapes were bought in but, the vineyards were subsequently purchased to ensure continuity and integrity. Vinification, bottling and ageing then takes place at Finca Allende. The result is that very pure, elegant and unique wines are produced.

           Locomotora 是 Finca Allende 的 Miguel Angel de Gregorio 與 Villa Vineteca 擁有者 Quim Villa 的一個小型合作計劃。他們就是看準了這單一葡萄田 (Pagos) 的風土質素和葡萄樹齡,本來他們只是由這塊田買入葡萄,但買入整片田地後,產品 的延續性和完整性得以保持。之後便在 Finca Allende 進行釀造、裝瓶和陳年。產品非常純淨、優雅和獨一無二。

    "Seeking Unique Terroirs"

           Miguel is a famous winemaker known as the "genius of red wine". Being the director of various projects including Paisajes, he has been delivering superb red wines to all wine lovers. For this Locomotora project, tempranillo is used to produce their wines. It is rich in savoury and low in acidity, which makes the wine easy drinking and suitable for everyone.  In addition, it pairs very well with spicy food so it is a very good wine for Asian cuisines like Thai, Korean, Sichuan, etc.

           Miguel 是被譽為「紅酒天才」的著名釀酒師,擔當過「美景」等多個釀酒計劃,而且好評如潮,其紅酒質素非常出色。這個 葡萄列車 系列完全用 Tempranillo 丹塊釀製,鮮味高,酸度低,容易入口,而且與辣味十分配合,因此很適合亞洲人口味。


     "Working to achieve delicate and fragrant wines"

           The Rioja D.O. regulations forbid printing the town, the vineyard or origin of the grapes on the label, but we can tell you that this one is in the town of Briones. Miguel Angel makes the more modern style Paisajes y Vinedos wines from Quim Villa while Locomotora is very much designed in a classical style. The first vintage is fantastic. The wines will quickly establish itself with great reviews from the likes of José Penin.

           Rioja D.O. 法律並不准許於酒標上列出城鎮名、葡萄田和葡萄的來源,但我們可以告訴你這是Briones 城鎮產品。 Miguel Angel 在 Quim Villa 製作現代風格的 Paisajes y Vinedos,但 Locomotora 卻設定成為經典風格。第一個年份的產品非常出眾,我們相信在 José Penin 的力讚後,此酒會確立它的地位。


     "Standardised Maturation Grading"

    The maturation of Tempranillo wines in Spain are graded according to a standard Rioja System and the grades are Joven, Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva.

    西班牙的 Tempranillo 丹魄紅酒釀製程度非常標準化,有四個等級,分別為 Joven、Crianza、Reserva 和 Gran Reserva。



    Undoubtedly, Rioja is the most famous Spanish wine region.  Its Tempranillo is a well celebrated grape with low acidity and savory taste. It gives an extraordinary quality to the red wines. Unlike other wine regions, for instance Bordeaux, Rioja does not need to rely on nearby maritime ports. The locomotora (train) in the best way to export wines from Rioja.

    無可否認,Rioja 里奧哈是最著名的西班牙優質法定葡萄酒產區,該區的代表葡萄 Tempranillo 丹魄酸度低、香味濃,能生產出非常高質素的紅酒,因此受很多愛酒之人追捧。與其他產區(例如波爾多)不同的是,Rioja 不需依靠附近的港口運送紅酒,因為Locomotora(火車)就是該區最好的運輸方法。



    La Locomotora was the chosen wine for 2016 Mercedes Benz Auto Beltan Show.

    La Locomotora 更是 2016 年 Mercedes Benz
    Auto Beltan Show 的指定用酒


    Indeed, the design of the wine label is very special. Designed by the famous Xavier Bas, locomotora (Spanish: train) and wild flowers that grown in Rioja are printed on the label. The flowers represent the freshness of the wine as well as the unique tastes of Rioja.

    La Locomotora 的樽身標籤非常特別,由著名的 Xavier Bas 設計,除了代表該品牌的火車之外,亦印有 Rioja 地區生長的野花,寓意味道清新及具有 Rioja 特色。





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