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    Pinewood Wine: L'Origan



    Pinewood Wine: L'Origan


    "Martínez successfully created new and avant-garde cava accompanied by an innovative image of Coty’s revolutionized perfume L'Origan."


    L'Origan is an exclusive and distinguished cava that has its origins in 1906. That year the first underground cellar in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia(the capital city of the Cava region) was built, which led to one of the first wineries. In 1998 Manel Martínez, a professional wine and cava producer with over 32-year-old experience, started up the L'Origan project with his son Carlos, recovering the spirit of French perfumer François Coty. Martínez successfully created new and avant-garde cava accompanied by an innovative image of Coty’s revolutionized perfume L'Origan.

    L'Origan 起源自1906年,是集高貴與非凡於一身的西班牙氣泡酒。當年,Sant Sadurní d'Anoia (Cava地區的首府)第一間地下酒窖建成,同是首批成立的釀酒廠之一。擁有超過三十二年釀葡萄酒及氣泡酒經驗的Manel Martínez 與他兒子Carlos 於1998開始名為L'Origan 的企劃,重現法國調香師François Coty的神韻。藉Coty的傳奇香水L'Origan的革新形象,他們成功釀製出全新、前衛的西班牙氣泡酒。

    Pinewood Wine: L'Origan

    The cellar has 1,286 m2, of which 928 are underground corridors with vaulted ceilings and three buried floors. They assemble the base wines using stainless steel tanks of 5,000, 1,000 and 300 L. A small part of the wines ferment in oak barrels. The underground natural conditions contributes to maintain a stable temperature of 18ºC, absolute darkness, absence of noise and vibration, in order that future cava ages in perfect conditions. One of the underground corridors is exclusively dedicated to the ageing of different vintages and blends in magnum bottles, to be used for future editions.



    L'O de L'Origan is a Cava obtained by mixing wines of diffent vintages,in order to create a scrumptious flavor. Some of them kept in wood and others aged in magnum bottles. The cellar had revived old methods of aging and production to get the high-quality L'Origan.

    為釀製出非凡的味道,L'O de L'Origan是混合多個年份的西班牙氣泡特釀。部份酒釀於木桶內,而其他用大酒瓶陳釀。酒莊使用傳統方法釀製和生產優質L'Origan氣泡酒。

    Pinewood Wine: L'Origan


    L’Origan owns a collection of Cava specially designed for Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona with a selection of seasonal berries- Aire de L’Origan. This is a collection of Brut Nature Cava and Rose Brut Nature Cava, with a modern and artistic label. Both Brut Nature and Rose Brut Nature are aged in contact with the lees for 40 months in the cellar with regular riddling. The Brut Nature is matured in bottle for around 40 months while Rose Brut Nature is matured in bottle for 22 months. They are cavas at the top quality with defined and sophisticated tastes.

    L’Origan擁有一款選用當造莓果釀製,專屬巴塞隆拿文華東方酒店的系列─ Aire de L’Origan。此系列有天然與桃紅西班牙氣泡酒兩款,均採用充滿現代感及藝術感的包裝設計。兩款氣泡酒在地下酒窖陳放期間,配合定期轉瓶,與酒糟陳釀接近40個月。天然氣泡酒瓶陳約40個月,而桃紅西班牙氣泡酒瓶陳約22個月。細緻又高雅的味道由此而生。

    Pinewood Wine: L'Origan






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