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    From Peathill with love

    Small Batch Tonic Waters

    We make small batch tonic waters in Walter Gregor’s former parish of Pitsligo in Peathill, Aberdeenshire. We are based on our remote and rural farm which stretches across rolling countryside to the shores of the Moray Firth. Here, we have built a modern bottling facility to make and bottle our hand crafted tonic waters and mixers where we also make Summerhouse Drinks craft sodas and lemonades. We started making our soft drinks in 2014 when our founder, Claire Rennie, decided to stop complaining about the lack of great tasting, naturally made soft drinks and do something about it. In 2015, we launched Walter Gregor’s Original Tonic Water to pair with the increasing number of craft Scottish gins that were being distilled. Since then we have been exploring and experimenting with a range of spirits and our mixers to develop new, exciting and inspirational serves.


    Pitsligo Castle, Scotland


    Claire Rennie


    Other than the original tonic water, Walter Gregor's has a collection of flavoured. From refreshing mint & cucumber to festive apple & cinnamon, you'll be able to find a perfect tonic water to match with your unique gins.


    All our recipes are unique and developed and made in house by our dedicated team. We pasteurise in the bottle so that we don’t use any artificial preservatives and use fresh ingredients to infuse our tonic waters and mixers with natural flavours. Because of our all natural pasterusing process and the shape of our CO₂ bubble, our tonic waters are not agressively fizzy. We find this allows the taste of the spirit to shine through and not overpower it.


    Our tonic water is named after Walter Gregor, a 19th century minister who served our historic parish of Pitsligo by order of Queen Victoria. As a renowned academic & plantsman, he was often found tending to the walled garden at his manse in Peathill, a stones throw away from our factory where we make all our drinks. His love for botanicals and for this part of Aberdeenshire inspired us to make our tonic waters from all natural ingredients, right here in his former parish.


    We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. The prospect off adding more bubble wrap to landfill discouranged us from venturing into online deliveries. So we have thought out of the box, about the box. Working in conjunction with our cardboard packaging supplier, we have developed our innovative delivery solution which hold our small glass bottles securely in place during transit. This packaging is made from 100% cardboard and fully recyclable through kerbside collections. At the very least, it performs just as well as bubble wrap and for us, it is a game changer. This philosophy stems from our approach that as farmers, we are custodians of the countryside. It is our responsibility to leave the countryside we farm in a condition fit for future generations. Here on the farm where we are based, we work closely with the RSPB to maintain and improve the habitat for our large population of Corn Buntings. This is a small, native bird which nests on the ground whose numbers across the UK have been under pressure for a number of years. Through maintaining traditional farming practices, we host one of the largest populations of Corn Buntings in the UK.

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