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    Wine elaboration doesn't need your own vineyards, wineries and cellars.
    Just with passion and talent, you can create unbeatable wine scenery.

                 In 1998, Miguel Angel de Gregorio of Finca Allende and Vila Viniteca formed a partnership to embark on a new project in La Rioja called ‘Paisajes y Viñedos’. With Miguel’s wide knowledge of La Rioja and his winemaking experience, each year he selects different vineyards belonging to different owners. The sites are selected based on their geographical qualities so that very elegant and unique wines can be made. 

                1998年,西班牙最富傳奇色彩的名釀酒師米格爾‧安赫(Miguel Angel de Gregorio)與巴塞隆納(Barcelona)最佳葡萄酒專賣店 Vila Viniteca 決定在里奧哈區(Rioja)攜手進行一個特別的葡萄酒計劃,稱為「葡萄園裡的風景」(Paisajes y Vinedos),透過米格爾對於產區的了解,每年嚴選 Rioja 不同的葡萄園,藉由其優異的釀酒技術,呈現每個葡萄園中無與倫比的景致。 

                Paisajes means“landscape”in Spanish, hoping to show the unique part of the vineyard. Miguel's winemaking philosophy is to produce unique and non-imitable wines through the different characteristics and potential of the soil. Thanks to his philosophy, Decanter has awarded 98 points to this precious winemaker.

    Paisajes 在西班牙文解作「風景」,其意義是希望展現出園區獨一無二的面貌,米格爾的釀酒哲學是藉由土壤不同的特性與潛質,生產出獨特且無法被模仿的精采佳釀。正因為憑著這個信念,Decanter 給予這位可貴的釀酒師 98 分。

                 Due to the regulations of the legal denomination region, the distribution of the wine can only be labeled "Rioja", and the wine is directly named after the number of the vineyard area, from 1 to 9 currently, wines are not elaborated every year, but only produce in the best years.

                由於法定產區的規限,Paisajes 的酒款僅能標示里奧哈(Rioja),而酒款直接以各葡萄園區的編號來命名,目前編號從 1 到 9 號,部份酒款並非年年釀造,而是選擇最佳年份才生產。


                The labels on this wines were designed by a famous wine labels illustrator, Xavier Bas. His idea was to match with the "Paisajes" (landscape). To feel the "Paisajes", we can hear it, see it, and touch it.  

                這款葡萄酒的標籤由著名的葡萄酒標籤插畫家Xavier Bas設計。 他的想法是配合“Paisajes”(風景)。 要感受“Paisajes”,我們可以聆聽它,凝望它,觸摸它。


    "Cecias" means wind from the North-west. This label visualise the waves of wind and the sound of it. Like a wave upon the shore, it creates sounds for you to hear it.


    "La Pasada" means the scenes that passed through your eyes. In front of every beautiful landscape, we capture that moment with our eyes, and then it passes away. Whenever you recall that memory, it comes back to your eyes again, like you are actually seeing it.

    “La Pasada”意味著回憶中的美景。光影搖曳,時光流逝。唯把美景凝在眼眸,美麗將永恆盛放。

    The Valsalado label represents a touch of the landscape. You don't necessarily have to touch it by your hands, but with your body instead. When you lean on it, it gives you support, and feelings.

    Valsalado 代表對風景的觸感。 你不一定要用手觸摸它,而是用你的身體。 嘗試輕鬆身體,打開沈睡的觸覺,允許風景撫平心中煩擾。



    Meanwhile, all Paisajes wines were matured in new Allier French Oak Barrels (Francois Freres oak barrels used by the Finest French Wineries D.R.C. and Leroy).

    另外,Paisajes 的紅酒都是 採用法國勃艮地最頂級酒莊D.R.C.及LEROY御用的Francois Freres橡木桶釀製。



                Paisajes wine style and winemaking concept have attracted a lot of attention and praise from all over the world. The famous wine critic Robert Parker has repeatedly rated more than 90 points. Besides, it´s also selected as designated wines on the wine list El Bulli, one the world´s best Spanish restaurant of 3 stars Michelin for five consecutive years. Each wine has an limited annual production of around 5,000 bottles, which is the global winelovers competing for the purchase, and are the Rioja wines that can´t be missed. 

               Paisajes 的酒款風格與釀酒理念已受到各地的注目與好評,著名酒評家羅伯‧派克(Robert Parker)屢屢給予超過 90 分至 93 分的評價,同時也是連續 5 年榮獲世界最佳餐廳 : 三星西班牙餐廳 El Bulli 首選為酒單上的指定用酒。Paisajes 每款酒的年產量只有約 5000 瓶,是全球葡萄酒迷競相選購的夢幻逸品,也是西班牙 Rioja 最不能忽略的葡萄酒。


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