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    Pinewood Wine: Val D'Oca


    The Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene – VAL D’OCA is located in a beautiful setting amid rolling hills between Asolo and Conegliano at the foot of the Treviso pre-Alps. Established in 1952, the consortium currently groups together 576 growers and 714 hectares of vineyards – a major wine-making concern at both local and national level.

    維多卡酒莊(Val D'Oca)位於意大利的維內多省(Veneto)葡萄酒產區內,坐落美麗的連綿山丘之上,阿爾卑斯山腳之下─Asolo和Conegliano之間。Val D'Oca酒莊創建於1952年,為照顧本地及本國的釀酒業者,現時與酒莊合作的葡萄種植者約576個,涉及的葡萄園總面積約714公頃。


    For many years, the Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene – VAL D’OCA has been pursuing the goal of producing quality wines with the aim of promoting the produce of its members, fostering awareness of the investments made in terms of money and human effort, and communicating its upgrade programme in order to ensure that consumers fully realise that all production stages, from grape growing to bottling of wine are performed with care and skill. For this reason, besides obtaining ISO 9000 certification in February 2002, initiatives have been undertaken in order to improve wine production with:

    • satellite mapping of members’ vineyards,
    • technical and advisory backing provided by trained agronomists,
    • training and update courses for growers,
    • selections of crus from areas with a vocation for the production of fine grapes,
    • implementation of the BIO project for reconverting 5 hectares of vineyard, from traditional farming to organic farming.

    多年來,維多卡酒莊秉承品質至上的信念,以推廣酒莊成員的產品為目標,他們持續投入相當的資源及人力,值提升生產過程─由種植至入瓶─的水平,令酒客更能感受他們釀酒的心思及技術。2002年2月,Val D'Oca酒莊獲得了ISO 9000認證,同時採用多個方法去改良生產過程:

    • 以衛星繪畫成員的葡萄園
    • 由貝專業知識的農學家提供技術和顧問支援
    • 提供教育及持續培訓予種植者
    • 挑選以生產頂級葡萄為使命的優質酒莊
    • 採用BIO,使葡萄種植從傳統農業轉變為有機農業

    Alongside the strong commitment made in the early part of the production line, Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene -VAL D’OCA has implemented a technological update programme aimed at maintaining the quality of the harvest. This involves investments in the vinification, foam forming and laboratory control sectors. Currently, Val D’Oca wines are exported to 33 countries worldwine under the brands VAL D’OCA, CA’VAL and MINU’. This accounts for approximately 25% of company’s total sales volumes.

    遵從開創酒莊時所作的承諾,維多卡酒莊運用科技,提昇釀酒、缸糟發酵及廠房監控,以維持酒品質素。最近,光是維多卡酒莊旗下品牌:VAL D’OCA, CA’VAL 及 MINU 已分銷至全球33個國家,佔總銷售接近25%。

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