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    Since 1600

    Around 1600 the patriarch Hieronimus Melchiori arrived in Trentino with the objective of dedicating himself entirely to the territory and to the care of agricultural products. This was the start of the Melchiori Dynasty. In 1760 Maria Lucia Melchiori was born, the first member of the family to be baptised with this name, subsequently passed down from one generation to another and always connected with the production of the beautiful apples of Trentino. It is in the care used in the transformation of the raw material that the Melchiori family has always shown its strong attachment and love for its territory. A land for which it has always shown gratitude and attention by offering its products to customers with extreme pride for high quality.


    Via Santa Barbara 2, Fraz. Tres 38012 Predaia (TN) Italia


    Lucia Maria Melchiori


    To become a sure reference of natural drinks for consumers in Italy and abroad. 


    The Melchiori company wants to represent a family that produces for families in observance of the health of the environment and the territory.


    Territory, A family for families, Trasparency, Respect of the Origins of materials 
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