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    Pinewood Wine: FenomenalPinewood Wine: Fenomenal

    After working in different wineries, Angel Lorenzo Cachazo, born in a family that always associated with winemaking, launched his own winery in 1987. Fenomenal is the latest project of the Cachazo family for Uvas Felices starting in 2011.

    在不同的釀酒廠工作後,Angel Lorenzo Cachazo於1987年成立了自己的釀酒廠。Fenomenal是Cachazo家族和Uvas Felices的最新項目,始於2011年。

    The grapes come from vineyards planted in loose rocks with limestone substratum. The climate is continental with Atlantic influence. Annual rainfall average is 300-500 mm, with an average of 2554 hours of sunshine per year. The average temperature is 24.6% during the growing season and 11°C to 27°C in the ripening period. The harvest took place between the 5th and the 24th of September. 


    Rueda is a region often being overlooked. It is actually a region which produces many good white wines. This region produces a signature white grape called "Verdejo". Verdejo is a very old grape that was supposedly brought into the region over 1000 years ago before the Moorish rule of Iberia. The grape lost favour during the early 1900s when oxidative sherry-like white wines became en vouge. Fortunately, Verdejo was saved in the 1970s. 

    魯達(Rueda)是一個經常被忽視的地區。實際上,這是一個生產許多優質白葡萄酒的地區。該地區出產有名的白葡萄,稱為“ Verdejo維岱荷”。Verdejo是一種非常古老的葡萄,據說在1000年前的摩爾人伊比利亞(Iberia)摩爾統治之前被帶入該地區。在1900年代初期,像雪利酒一樣的氧化白葡萄酒開始流行時,這種葡萄就不再受歡迎。幸運的是,Verdejo於1970年代得以保存。

    The Verdejo grape - Rueda DO - Decanter

    Fenomenal series has two wines. One is a blend of 85% Verdejo and 15% Viura. The other is a pure Sauvignon Blanc. Both shows the characteristics of Rueda : Aromatic, lively, round, and structured.




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