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    Pinewood Wine Presents: Tell Me Wine

    Facebook & IG Live

    Calling All Wine-Drinkers for an All-in-Wine Experience!

    This Tuesday , Pinewood Wine is thrilled to announce a new streaming series: "Tell Me Wine"! Bring yourself along to sit with our hosts: Michael and Tim as they take us through a journey on all things wine! This week, engage in wine pairing, tasting and a bit of mukbang as they try Tsui Hang Village's All-in-One sticky rice dumpling set. We'll also be unveiling a mysterious product that may be familiar to some of you, but still new to everyone... Come join us for some banter, a bite and a bottle!

    Introducing Our Hosts

    Michael, the Viticulture Expert | Tim, the Wine Enthusiast

    Michael Cheung 🥂

    "The only drink that can add sparkle to a celebration and stillness to a quiet night in".

    Michael is the more well-versed host in the wine trade as a certified wine professional. Listen to his opinions from a professional perspective and maybe learn something new! He is especially partial to sweet and sparkling wines, with perfumed, floral notes.

    Tim Sit 🍷

    "Be you a beggar or a baron, wine will be there for you. Now, forever and always."

    Coming from New Zealand, Tim is the latest member in the Pinewood Wine team. He decided to take his enthusiasm in his favourite drink to the next level, and is currently "maturing" into a wine professional. His green-horn perspectives in wine will ripen as the episodes accumulate. Watch him come out of his "veraison" stage as the time goes by! Tim likes dry, acidic wines with aromatic, fruity notes.

    Summer Subscription Collection

    Take a load off the sweltering heat with our new mystery box subscription! Worry no more about what bottle you want to cool yourself off with after a hot day out. We will be sending one bottle every month to our subscribers to be enjoyed during the summer, valued from 288 HKD. We want to treat our customers to not only a great bargain, but a brilliant bottle to look forward to enjoying during its best climate! The subscription package comes along with a hand-written tasting notes and wine pairing tips. Our wine specialists are there to assist you throughout the wine journey, providing rich wine knowledge. Shoot us any questions through whatsapp for instant reply. 

    We have 5 different subscriptions packages to offer, all guaranteed to give you a great price plus free shipping!HintsOur June bottle will be a brilliant, bubbly bottle with plenty of perlage. 

    Hints to the Mystery Subscription
    - Our June bottle will be a brilliant, bubbly bottle with plenty of perlage.
    - In July's bottle, you can expect a perfumed, fruity glass of gold.
    - August will offer a cold, French beauty with an elegant, sweet side.
    - In September, Mid-Autumn Festival is the reason to re-unite with family and friends, so a red in magnum size will be a great deal! 
    - As October's breeze prevails, a sip of red with hints of spice will be your companion.
    - November gives us new bottles... but what of?

    Delivery Details
    Once you have placed your order, delivery will be arranged in the last week of the month depending on which package you chose. Purchase now for June's wine subscription to unveil the surprise in the end of June! 

    Summer-Autumn Seasonal Subscription Schedule 
    - 1st delivery: 21-25 Jun (order cut off- 16 Jun) 
    - 2nd delivery : 26-30 Jul (order cut off- 21 Jul) 
    - 3rd delivery : 23-27 Aug (order cut off- 18 Aug) 
    - 4th delivery: 27-30 Sep (order cut off- 22 Sep) 
    - 5th delivery : 25-29 Oct (order cut off- 20 Oct) 
    - 6th delivery : 22-26 Nov (order cut off- 17 Nov)

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